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We are super social: we share everything but the toothbrush.

Branding and digital communication are our daily bread. We like telling stories that help companies to express their soul, into Facebook and out of it.


We believe in simplicity and uniqueness. But what we like the most is relationships. We love how new conversations and friendships grow, by floating around products and brands.


We pay attention to aesthetic (hearts smile when eyes smile!). We know that your good image is made of good images. We use creativity to bring brands to the people, without being boring and without getting bored!


We select the best channels and strategies to achieve your goals in the social arena. We improve your brand presence on the major social networks: Fb, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest. Your fans will increase. And we will keep them posted about news and updates. Basically, we'll be your Social Customer Service.


Contents matter. Great contents make the difference. We create stories to express your company relevance. We make your business actually closer to the target, by informing and entertaining. We help you to meet your audience. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome: the brand.


Social networks allow you to promote your contents and push your business visibility. Problem is: it's not that easy. We create social ads by defining the best contents, the specific targets, the most valuable budgets. We measure results step by step: we can't allow you to waste your money. Not even a penny. A penny life matters.


Your brand personality is what sets you apart. It makes you emerge in the crowd. We help you to enlighten your image. One "like" leads to others.

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Hi, I'm Donatella

Born in Naples.
Always around.

A Masters Degree in Event Organization and Communication.

More than 4 years of experience as social media manager and event planner, in communication agencies based in Naples, Milan, Turin


Last works for:

- NMK Studio: (Milano, Roma, Napoli)

- Grastim  (Italy, Portugal,UK, Germany and Spain)

- Publikompass (Torino) (Event Division of La Stampa Group)

Metooo (Napoli / Londra)


Adsolut (Napoli)

Arya (Milano)

Design Library (Milano)



For design and the beautiful images: PANAMA (Torino)


For videos and the beautiful stories: Luce Narrante filmmaking

Hey, you can write to us here:

yellow your dreams

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